Why Use Flexi Parking EV Charging ?



You can have full control on managing the EV charging station.



Provides further charging cost information for you.



You can pay compound, parking, locate EV charging station and charge your car with just one app (Flexi Parking App™)



For better environmental friendly technology approach.

Understanding Our EV Charging Terminology

The speed of the AC charging powe is determined by the vehicle on-board charger. The supplied charger is always at 22kW power output for 3-phase and 7kW power output for single phase. Hence, the charging power output will follow the power requested by the vehicle on-board charger or the maximun power output from the charger, whichever is smaller.

Reminder: Charger cable will not be provided. Users must bring their own cable compatible with a type 2 charging outlet.


Type 2 Cable Plug

Most EV has a connection Type 2 such as (BMW, Volvo, Merc, Renault, Kia, Porsche etc.)

Vehicle Types Estimated Charging Time
PHEV 8KWh (On Board 3.7KW charger) 2.4 hours (~ 30km)
EV 40KWh (On Board 7KW charger) 6 hours (~ 250km)
EV 60KWh (On Board 11KW charger) 6 hours (~ 375km)
EV 80KWh
(On Board 11KW charger)
8 hours (~ 500km)
EV 80kWh
(On Board 22KW charger)
4 hours (~ 500km)

How To Use Our EV Charging Station ?

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