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Make better decisions

License plate recognition (LPR) technology can help you implement a more comprehensive approach to parking management and make intelligent infrastructure investment decisions. With historical occupancy statistics for all your lots, you can use parking patterns to decide when to plan maintenance and where more parking spaces are required.


Mobile parking enforcement

For both on-street and off-street parking, you can significantly increase enforcement efficiency and improve compliance by using LPR technology. With an LPR technology installed in enforcer mobile phone and at parking entrance, that scans license plates, officers are alerted in real-time to parking violations or scofflaws


Increase parking enforcement efficiency

By automating license plate reading and identification, you can help your parking enforcement officers complete their patrols faster and enforce multiple parking rules simultaneously. Use the data captured by your LPR technology to define routes based on peak occupancy, target areas with low compliance, reduce ticketing disputes, and automatically identify scofflaws

Parking Enforcement Will Be Much Easier


Supports +1000 Enforcers


Integrate With Real-Time Data


Simplify, Automate & Efficient Parking Operation


Dashboards For Analysis


Advance Local-Made LPR Technology


Mobile Solution For Parking Enforcers

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