Flexi Parking™
Be a part to save the Earth!

COUPON SAVED IN SEPANG = 1,669.11kg of papers

COUPON SAVED IN SHAH ALAM = 5,770.07kg of papers

COUPON SAVED IN Ampang Jaya = 1,696.22kg of papers

COUPON SAVED IN Selayang = 242.95kg of papers

TOTAL COUPON SAVED = 9,378.35kg of papers

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Flexi Parking™ Solution

The name Flexi Parking™ implies flexibility in paying parking. Parking is made easy with the mobile solution. Just download the application, then pay or extend your parking time with 3 easy steps at anytime and anywhere. You may pay for hourly parking or even purchase monthly pass through the application.

Park with ease of mind

Enforcement has the application to check your parking validity


Quick 3-Step Payment

Pay parking with 3-step payment - choose vehicle, choose duration and choose location with GPS location guide. You may pay parking 2 hours earlier before parking required time starts, for example from 6am and timer starts counting from 8am to ease working folks who has early meetings

You Always Know Your Parking

Running timer on app accurately tells you how much time remaining you have in every parking session including monthly pass. In-app reminder will prompt you before time expiry. You will not wrongly pay for parking outside valid parking hours and holidays, too.

Secure Transactions

Two-factor authentication with SMS ensure secure online banking for parking prepaid credit purchases. Digital receipts are stored on-line and can be retrieved any time. The best part is your purchased credit never expires.

One Login

Only one login username and password required to pay at two different councils we have enabled. You can switch between councils easily within the app to start your parking payments.

Mobile Application Download

Available in both Android PlayStore and Apple App Store


Android PlayStore


Apple App Store

Quick Start Guide

To upgrade your parking convenience and start saving the trees

  • Install the Flexi Parking™ or MPAJ Parking app

    Download the application from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) for free

    Search for Flexi Parking or MPAJ Parking and install

  • Register as a new user

    Click on register, fill up the information requested and then submit the information. Upon successful, you may log in.

    Privacy policy (PDPA) document located here

  • Add your vehicle number

    Add in your vehicle number into the "Empty" slot. You may add more than one vehicle number by clicking the next button.

  • Purchase prepaid credit

    Touch on credit balance button to start online credit purchase. Select the desired amount or monthly pass and then follow through the steps to login to secure online banking.

  • Enjoy parking at ease with Flexi Parking™ and MPAJ Parking

    Just touch on the vehicle number you want to pay with 3-step payment

Our Customers' Review

Actual reviews from Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore

Mr. Ng

Oct 8, 2016 at 9:59 AM

Well done !! Wish this app can function at whole location Malaysia. Save time & Save paper.


Sep 26, 2016 at 12:15 AM

Topup RM50 Finally .. no need to refill many times


Sep 5, 2016 at 8:30 PM

Parking my car at ease!! So easy and no need hanky panky coupon or money in ur pocket, anytime, anywhere, loves the apps!

We at LiTS takes feedback and review seriously. We will do our best to enhance your experience in using Flexi Parking™. LiTS always think about simplicity, convenience and most of all green technology.

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